Direct Mail

Direct mail is a type of print advertising tailored to a particular target public (elected by demographic or geographic aspects), with carefully chosen offers suited to the audience and the delivery method employed that is then mailed or delivered directly to their home or office.

For example, a Shared Mail campaign will be inserted in a mailing packet which includes a number of bargains, coupons and deals to an entire zip code. Therefore, the recipient will be a resident within the chosen zip code and who will browse through the Shared Mail package shopping for great deals or savings. The promotional insert should be created to be widely appealing and include special offers or savings that will interest the typical consumer residing in the zip code(s) or geographic zone(s) selected for distribution.

On the other hand, when using a Postcard Campaign it is possible to isolate a very specific public or demographic (such as home value, profession, buying habits, etc.) The promotion and offer can be tailored exactly to the intended recipients.

Another major benefit of solo mail such as a postcard campaign is that it would allow for pre-qualification of the recipients to include (or screen out) very exact qualifying factors. Additionally, postcards are frequently used for business-to-business advertising as types of companies or positions can be specified.

We offer a variety of direct mail services to get your business in contact with your best target audiences from acutely-targeted solo mail (such as Postcards, Newsletters, self-mailer Brochures) to lower-cost saturation mailings (such as Shared Mail Inserts and Every Door Direct Mail). We offer a wide variety of targeted mailing lists and addressing and mailing services.

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