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RESPONSE! Targeted Marketing, A Great Place To Work

RESPONSE! is a full-service marketing agency that does postcard marketing from design to mailing, delivers great websites and other print and mail services. Our primary focus is small businesses but we have some major company accounts. The company has doubled in size each year and we have big plans for the future!

Our Background

RESPONSE! started in 2005 as a market research firm for small businesses. The founder, Barry Coziahr, quickly realized that small business owners were not sure how to use market research results effectively and their attempts at marketing frequently lacked adequate graphic design and marketing power to get the results they were looking for. Working with his wife, Claire, the company soon evolved into a graphic design firm with a heavy leaning towards targeted marketing. These days, RESPONSE! delivers a wider range of services with an award-winning designer leading the Production Division, a skilled Web Production Executive developing sites in days and an aggressive marketing and sales model.

Barry and Claire still actively run the business and the team at RESPONSE!

Our Mission

It is the RESPONSE! mission to deliver stellar graphic design, targeted marketing and brilliant websites at very competitive prices. Our emphasis is on superior customer service and friendly delivery to our small business and big business clients with fast turnaround times.

Company Culture

We are a small but growing company with great ambitions for the future. Our staff work together as a team. We are all responsible for creating a successful marketing agency and enjoy our work. All of our staff work industriously and efficiently to achieve targets and goals and grow the company. At the same time we all get along great and have fun doing our work. Our staff and executives don’t have time for office politics and everyone who works here likes each other and are rewarded for their commitment, initiative and passion to help our clients grow their businesses through effective and targeted marketing.

Working At RESPONSE!

We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic staff who want not only to make a living but take pride in their work, too. When we pull off a win in any department, it is due to the commitment and combined efforts of all our departments working together. We are a small company but we are growing quickly and we want to add members to the team that will help us grow the company and get rewarded for their contributions. We expect our staff to learn continually, from each other and through our training program. We require that each member of the team is responsible for the production of their post and hold them accountable for their area of control. We have a zero-tolerance policy on office politics or anything that will lower the enjoyment and production of working together to achieve our mutual goals. Our staff are highly valued for their intelligence, initiative and results.

Our Goals

Our goal is to continue to grow our company through high volume sales and stellar quality marketing that benefits our clients. We are very selective about who we hire and make sure that every candidate has the intelligence and creativity to contribute to the growth of the company. Every member of the team has something to contribute to the development of the company no matter what their position is. Their commitment to their job and career is vital to the expansion of the company.

Employee Turnover

We maintain a low turnover rate by selecting new personnel with care, rewarding staff for their results and continually improving the skills of our staff through training. We want to create an environment where our staff enjoy their work and look forward to a day full of production and results. Barry and Claire have an “open-door policy” that any member of the team can approach them to discuss any issues or request assistance on any matter.

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