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The RESPONSE! Targeted Marketing Story

With many years of sales and marketing experience under his belt, Barry Coziahr started a market research business. He soon evolved the company, originally known as RESPONSE! Targeted Marketing Research, into a full service marketing firm aimed at assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs who didn’t have either the marketing knowledge, or the marketing facilities and capabilities to use the research effectively. So was born RESPONSE! Targeted Marketing, a full service marketing-on-demand firm that provides copywriting, design and web marketing professionals under one roof, allowing an unprecedented level of marketing collaboration for the small business professional, at prices that are often better than “trying to do it in-house”. The RESPONSE! marketing team take pride in delivering superior services and products.

Using postcard marketing campaigns to drive in new leads, newsletters to retain existing clientele and to encourage word-of-mouth and creating a strong web presence, along with a variety of other branding and marketing services, is a successful marketing model for contractors, tax professionals, chiropractors, dentists, and many other entrepreneurs and small business owners. RESPONSE! provides these services and, best of all, integrates them together seamlessly to create a professional, polished marketing campaign. In addition, Barry utilizes the RESPONSE! marketing budget to employ the promotion methods that the business provides to ensure the desired results are achieved: responses. In other words, he puts his money where his mouth is.

Barry, whose sales and marketing experience started at a very young age under his father’s guidance, has built his business model on a foundation of excellent customer service and personal attention. “The small business owner works hard to create his business, and I believe that he should be able to get personal attention and sound advice on how to correctly invest his marketing dollars to get the maximum return. It is for this reason I require our consulting and marketing team to continuously stay abreast of marketing basics and trends in order that they provide informed marketing advice to our clients.”

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