Meet Our Marketers

Meet the faces behind the voices and key figures of our company that you will probably speak to during your marketing campaigns with RESPONSE!

Executive Division


Barry A. Coziahr

President (and public speaker extraordinaire)

Long before many of our staff were walking or talking, Barry was selling and marketing. He been doing so since he was barely out of diapers. He’s great at talking because he’s had lots of practice! He is also fantastically creative and can whip campaign ideas on his feet at an impressive rate. He keeps us on our toes trying to catch all his ideas and turn them into reality. He personally supervises our Marketing Consultants and loves to help with campaigns so if you need to talk about your campaign, he’s your man! Read more at Barry’s Personal Website…


Claire N. Coziahr

Chief Executive Officer

Claire has been involved with marketing campaigns since she was yay high [insert hand patting the air about three feet up]. She’s never stopped, it’s in her blood. She runs RESPONSE! and checks in on client campaigns to cast a critical eye and find marketing flaws that need to be fixed. She’ll review your campaign on request but otherwise spends her time apparating out of the blue to check in on operations throughout the company from sales to design and even quality control (well, she’s either apparating or just really quiet on her feet).


Sarah Coziahr

Vice President for Operations

Sarah runs operations. She keeps track of where your printing is, when your mailing is going out and keeps your account in order. In her spare time (LOL) she evaluates websites and teaches classes on everything from email marketing to how to use LinkedIn to get more business. Good things she has loads of energy!

Consulting Division


Abby Militzer

Chief Marketing Consultant

Abby is one dedicated marketer. She’s been marketing and selling in chiropractic practices and other small businesses since she got out of college. She’s one tough five-foot-high marketing consultant! She will burn the midnight oil to work out the best deal on your marketing and our clients love her. Need great customer service and expert, no-nonsense marketing advice? Abby’s your girl!

Production Division

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Expansion Division

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