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Why Pay More for Postage and Labor Costs?
We understand how to work with the USPS to get the best possible rates for your postage. Our facilities include automated addressing, sorting and delivery to the post office. Using us to coordinate your direct mail campaigns will save you time and money getting your postcards, newsletters and other direct mail promotion to the doorstep of your prospective clients.

We sort your mailing by zip code, inkjet the customer or prospect identities and addresses directly onto the postcards or mailing and then package and deliver it to the Bulk Mail Entry Unit at the USPS.

Are You Wasting Postage Money?
You could be paying more for postage than necessary. Using our mailing service can actually cost less than what you are currently paying for postage to the USPS!

Your Design, Printing and Mailing Under One Roof
Using RESPONSE! to handle your entire campaign means you coordinate with less vendors, saving you time and money. Direct response mail has never been easier, more accessible or cost less.

Discuss your mailing needs with a RESPONSE! Marketing Consultant at 1-800-690-0945.

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