Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every Door Direct Mail EDDM Postcard Sample Kit

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What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Recently the USPS introduced a new service for small businesses. It is called an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Campaign. Essentially it allows a business to target a specific zip code with saturated mailings at greatly reduced postage rates and no list is necessary.

The way it works is the Every Door mailing is delivered to either every household, every post box, or both households and post boxes within a zip code.

Watch this USPS video for an overview

Qualifying For Every Door Direct Mail Postage Rates

There are guidelines that must be met to qualify for these special rates.

RESPONSE! has created a special postcard that meets the guidelines, the Every Door Postcard. The postcard is specifically sized to meet the requirements for the Every Door service and designed correctly to meet specifications laid out by the post office in order to qualify for these reduced postage rates.

The advantages of an Every Door Direct Mail Campaign are:

  • Target a specific zip code
  • No list necessary
  • Reduced postage rates

We recommend using this service when you want a blanket a specific target area, rather than target a specific type of person.

Qualified Direct Mail Pieces: Every Door Direct Postcards

There are two types of mail pieces that qualify for the new postage rate. One meets a minimum height requirement and the other meets a minimum width requirement.

These postcards meet either the minimum height requirement of an Every Door Direct Mail piece: 6.5″ high, or the minimum width requirement: 12″ wide.

Here is a sampling of our prices* with FREE SHIPPING. Want a different size or format? Call for a FREE EDDM Consultation, or to get a quote, at 1-800-690-0945.

Quantity 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000 20,000
Every Door Direct Premium Postcard
6.5″ x 9″
$299 $399 $599 $1099 Call 1-800-690-0945 for volume discounts
Every Door Direct Jumbo Postcard
9″ x 12″
$499 $749 $1,099 $1,899 Call 1-800-690-0945 for volume discounts

Correctly Preparing Your Every Door Direct Mailing

Our Mailing Experts will guide you or your staff through the process of preparing and delivering the mailing. This professional assistance is included at no additional cost when you purchase one of the below printing packages. Alternatively, we can prepare the mailing at our facilities for a nominal additional cost.

Every Door Direct Mail EDDM Postcard Sample Kit

Is EDDM Right For Your Business?

We have compiled a sampling of industries that EDDM would be effective for:

Every Door Direct Mail EDDM Postcard Sample Kit