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RESPONSE! Provides Full-Service, Customized, Premium Newsletters

Our premium newsletter service includes:

  • Custom design and articles
  • Professional typesetting for improved readability
  • High impact, custom ads
  • High quality, full color printing
  • Addressing and mailing
  • Significantly discounted postage

Why Newsletters?

Maintaining a Constant Dialogue with Hard-Earned Customers

As a small business owner, you have worked hard and invested time and money into securing your past and present customers. Now that you have these customers in, it is important to keep them—your customer list is one of the most important and valuable assets of your business.

This is where newsletters come in. Newsletters are the most effective way to stay in “personal communication” with all your customers—every single one of them—even when you are tied up and unavailable.

This constant dialogue is achieved by correctly using a newsletter as a vehicle to leverage yourself as a “thought leader” with your customers. This is achieved by:

  1. Providing useful articles on relevant and current subjects, issues or concerns in regards to your products, services or industry—from the viewpoint of what is useful or interesting to your customer. This may be new innovations that would benefit them or how-to guides to get the full benefit from the items or services they purchased. It could also be background information, examples of how others are using the items or services. The key is that it should be useful, informative and interesting to the reader. “Fluff” articles can be fun, but should not be the backbone of your newsletter.
  2. Advertising for your business other products and services should be separated from the content. Consider that the content (articles) are your communication line to your customers and your PR tool. The ads are your marketing tool and are laid out separately but visibly. Few people want to read pages of ads and they will not look out for your newsletter if it just composed of advertising. Provide useful content clearly in articles and then use the opportunity to advertise just like professional magazines.
  3. The newsletter should be visually appealing, high quality and useful so readers keep it around. Even better, so that they show it to their friends or colleagues!

RESPONSE! Does All the Work for You

Having said all that, it may sound like a lot of work putting a newsletter together. That is why RESPONSE! offers a premium newsletter service that takes care of all of the above. Just a few minutes of input from you or an executive of your business and we can design, write, print and mail your newsletter.

Newsletter Results?

The results of a regular, high quality and relevant newsletter are nothing short of astounding. Within just two or three issues readers usually start calling or coming in. Typically the products or services touched upon will start selling in higher volumes as you start to leverage your business as the experts on your particular field.

Is It Expensive To Do A Regular Newsletter?

The RESPONSE! Premium Newsletter Service is surprisingly affordable. With discount postage rates and affordable production and printing costs, you can get your superior quality, full color, custom newsletter produced for the same or less than the price of producing a single-color newsletter in-house. And you and your staff do none of the work—just a few minutes of input regarding the subject, testimonials or other custom content, provide the mailing list and approve the final design.

NEW! Find out about our new Postcard Newsletters.

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Order FREE Newsletter Samples

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