Newsletter Design

We create customized, professional and branded newsletters for small businesses and healthcare practitioners.

Custom Template and Advertising

First, we create a custom template for your business with content/article areas and custom advertisements for key products and services you plan to focus on. Your newsletter template is designed to strengthen your existing brand using appropriate colors, graphic elements and images. Advertisements are specifically designed and then checked by Quality Control to ensure each one includes basic marketing points such as a clear and desirable benefit to the customer, a strong Call-To-Action and an easy method to obtain the item or service. The overall template is also verified by Quality Control for appropriate branding, tone and layout.

Our Production Team has experience with layout and editing of professional magazine publications and they ensure that successful elements from the publishing industry are included. In reality, your Premium Newsletter is a mini magazine, and many of the principles used by the publishing industry to create thought leaders and industry altitude are brought to your “mini magazine”.

The initial layout for your template will set the tone and vision for your newsletter from this point on. We use consistent elements such as fonts and graphics to create a unique and appealing image which will be continued in subsequent issues of your newsletter.

Does all this attention to detail sound expensive?

The average Premium Template for a four page newsletter (11”x17” folded in half) costs as little as $249. That includes professional typesetting, your business branding, your publication name and tag line, style, unique color palette and custom advertisements.

Premium Newsletter Issues

Once your Premium Template and advertisements are laid out we are ready to start creating issues.

Your provide any content you would like to include for an upcoming issue and we edit, proof read and typeset it for maximum impact and readability. We also include any images and stock photography at this time.

Ghost Writing (Optional)

Are you uncertain of how to go about writing articles or just don’t have the time?

We will do research and write articles on almost any subject. We have done articles on behalf of chiropractors, nutritional products, dentists, drug rehabilitation, computer consultation and debt relief organizations, just to name a few specialized fields.

If you have existing articles that you want to run, we can help edit and add glossaries for any difficult terminology that would inhibit readers’ understanding.

We strive to create informative, easy to understand articles in an interesting, entertaining manner to ensure readers receive all the information provided. In addition, a further goal is for the reader to keep the newsletter for future reference and to show it to their friends and colleagues.

Choose a Stock Article and Customize It

If you would like a standard article from the collection we have created, it is included in your standard newsletter design costs. It can be edited and customized for your needs.

Unique Articles

We can write unique articles for your newsletter based on the information you provide.

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