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Postcards are an exciting and inexpensive advertising method to target your market and increase new leads and sales. Exciting because of the number of benefits involved:

  • Postcards are printed in vibrant colors and can be designed to really catch the eye of the intended audience.
  • Your marketing message is not hidden in an envelope so the recipient is guaranteed to receive your message.
  • Postcards printed with RESPONSE! are significantly higher quality and significantly less expensive than the average mailer.
  • The USPS offers highly favorable postage rates for postcards, so we can address and mail your postcards for the cost of postage—or even less!

Let’s break it down and see what is involved in creating a successful postcard campaign.

Successfully Using Postcard Campaigns To Promote Your Business

Our Marketing Consultants and Designers will work with you to create a successful campaign. The postcard campaign process is simple and most successful when it includes these steps:

  1. Isolate a potential target audience that is likely to buy and procure a targeted mailing list of these potential buyers. This is based on past success, current successful sales and on audiences who have indicated interest or those you think are interested in what you are offering.
  2. Based on past successful promotion, or on items of high interest, decide on an offer you will be making. Keep the offer simple and desirable — do not confuse the intended recipients.
  3. Design an exciting, interesting postcard using graphics and copy that feature benefits of the offer you will be making. Visit our Postcard Gallery for industry samples.

From there, simply schedule the best time for the postcard campaign to start getting mailed. RESPONSE! will print your postcards, address and mail your campaign.

Throughout the above process your level of involvement is up to you.

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Is Postcard Marketing Right For Your Business?

We have compiled a sampling of industries that postcard marketing is effective for:

Order FREE Mitigation Postcard Samples

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