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RESPONSE! professional postcard designs are created not only for visual impact but also incorporate a number of successful marketing elements that we have learned from mailing millions of postcards over the years.

Every Design Is Quality Checked for Successful Marketing Methods

Every postcard design is run through a checklist of marketing points to ensure maximum results. Some of the points we check for include:

  • The postcard features a benefit or benefits to the recipient—something that will solve a problem or fulfill a need that the recipient will find desirable to solve or fulfill.
  • There is a special offer that prompts the recipient to respond.
  • The content and offer are simple or straight forward, so the recipient will easily understand what they are being offered and how it will benefit them.
  • The colors, images and typesetting are visually interesting and appropriate to the message.
  • Clear call-to-actions are employed and the recipient knows exactly what action to take in order to respond and take advantage of the offer.

Rest assured, while RESPONSE! offers exciting and interesting designs by award-winning graphic designers, that’s not all. We use effective marketing techniques in every campaign we undertake.

RESPONSE! Design Options

We have three different design options and fixed, predictable pricing.

Partial Design — $99

Select a postcard template from our postcard design samples and we will finish it with your details and custom back.

Fix Your Design — $99

Already have a postcard design that you have been using? Provide us with a complete front and back and we will “finish it” for you by correctly typesetting it and professionally tweaking the color palette.

Full Design — $199

We’ll create an entirely new design, either per your specifications or we will create the entirety from concept to design. This includes copy and images (please note that original artwork is extra).

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Order FREE Postcard Samples