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Email Marketing and eNewsletters are an inexpensive and effective method to maintain regular contact with your customers. Emails can be used to promote sales, events and share useful content with your users.

Emails and eNewsletters are most effective when designed and sent through an email marketing system such as Constant Contact. With a Constant Contact subscription you will be able to manage your email addresses, lists and improve overall delivery rates to inboxes (instead of spam filters) by employing best practices. The Constant Contact system will also guide you through federal regulations so you don’t get in trouble for your marketing efforts.

Additional features include hundreds of templates for a variety of industries, as well as detailed reports for completed email campaigns including which recipients opened the emails and which recipients clicked through to the links provided in the emails, giving insight into likely prospects.

We have selected Constant Contact as our Email Marketing System of choice due to ease of use, feature-rich interface, low learning curve for novice email designers and pricing. We provide full-service email marketing services but we encourage our clients to keep some measure of control over their business assets such as customer email lists. For that reason, we use a system you can access and manage easily.

Constant Contact also provides fantastic survey and event management capabilities, as well as the ability to send your emails to Twitter and share them on social media such as Facebook.

Available Email Marketing Services:

From Custom Templates to Full-Service Enewsletters

RESPONSE! can assist you in correctly setting up and managing your email subscription service. We can also create custom, branded email templates for your use. Our article and ghostwriting services are also available for eNewsletter marketing.

Sign up for a 60 day trial of Constant Contact and see how it can assist you in broadening your customer contact.

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