Quick Response [QR] Codes

Quick Response Codes Are An Easy Method to Get Visitors to Your Mobile Website!

QR Code for Newsletter Postcards
Scan this QR Code with your mobile device

You need to get people to visit your website using their mobile device. This is easily achieved. It begins with the use of Quick Response Codes, or QR Codes, being incorporated in all your print media and advertising. That is the special square barcodes you have been seeing popping up at Starbucks, magazines, shipping labels and on major brands. You can scan them with your smart phone’s barcode reader and it will take you to online address, or dial a number, or any number of variations.

QR codes are new enough to be pretty exciting to the recipients when used effectively. In the past six months alone, user QR Code scans have increased by a whopping 1200%!

You can start using QR Codes in your promotion:

  • Sending out a postcard newsletter? Include a QR Code that readers can scan to access monthly specials on your website.
  • Sending out postcards to prospective buyers in your local area? Make a special offer and include a QR Code that will take them straight to a lead capture page.
  • Put one on your business card so that prospects can dial your number instantly, email you directly or visit your website in a flash!

Use QR codes in direct mail campaigns to get visitors to the website
Use QR Codes on your promotion to steer prospects to your mobile website

QR Codes Are Free At RESPONSE!

QR Codes can be incorporated into any of your designs here at RESPONSE! for no additional fee. Plus you can have as many as you want so different promotions get different QR Codes pointing to different web pages, phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook profiles, YouTube videos and more!

The uses are countless so talk to your RESPONSE! Consultant to ensure you are using QR Codes wherever possible. Schedule a Consultation now.