The Internet is the “New” Yellow Pages

Having a strong web presence is a vital part of any marketing program today. Many prospective buyers are turning to the web for their needs rather than the Yellow Pages. More than that, they are becoming savvier, often visiting your website before they call you. Even once they call you they may still Google you to find out more about your business before making a decision to purchase.

Why is a Website Necessary?

Research shows that middle and upper class shoppers are more and more favoring online shopping as well as the verification of a business’s work and credentials by visiting the company’s website. Social issues such as recent economic conditions have pushed the average consumer towards the direction of making more informed decision about their purchases. This translates to the consumer attempting to be more savvy by checking a company out on Social Media or websites to be more informed about who they will be giving their money to. It is estimated that 95% of your potential customers will visit your website before they call you.

All this boils down to: a company must have a website and it must make a good impression or they could be losing prospects without their knowledge. On the positive side, a good company website can push the consumer into making the decision to trust the company and “make the buy”.

Business-To-Business Websites
The more educated the audience, the more likely they are to use online information to make their final decision so an acceptable, well marketed website becomes absolutely vital when a company specializes in Business-To-Business sales.

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