Mobile Websites

    The world is going mobile: iPads, tablet pcs, Kindle Fires, smart phones, iPhones, Android Phones. In today’s world you cannot ignore the explosion of mobile devices in our workplaces, coffee shops, even our homes. They are here to stay — in fact, you probably own one, or two or three. As more and more consumers adopt smart phone and tablet computers, this is more and more becoming the common method of browsing the internet. In the future, visitors to the web will frequently visit from their phones and mobile devices instead of their desktop computers.

    In fact, the mobile internet is booming and is predicted to be adopted by users much faster than it took for the world to adopt the internet itself.

    What this means for you as a small business owner is that you will need to make your website mobile-friendly.

    The good news is adopting the mobile internet as part of your marketing program is pretty straight forward when REPONSE! is your marketing partner.

    What Do Visitors See When They Visit Your Website with a Mobile Device?

    Once your prospects go flying through virtual space to your online address, what are they going to find? A clunky website with huge images on their very small screens? No, you will need a mobile website catering to smart phones and tablet computers for easy navigation and teeny, teeny screens.

    Announcing Mobile Websites

    That is why we are very proud to announce our new mobile website service. We can create a custom mobile website layout using your existing website for content and images but with special menus, features and page layouts catering to mobile devices. Mobile Websites will launch your marketing program ahead of your competitors and all at a very low cost.

    Our Mobile Websites include the following features:

    • Built as an interface to your existing website (rather than a standalone site). Therefore your mobile website content is always up-to-date and does not require seperate maintenance or any additional maintenance contract.
    • Resized and rescaled images
    • Visitor statistics
    • Themes can be easily re-formatted for future design changes
    • On-The-Fly-Formatting: site re-formats for the device being used whether a small Blackberry screen or a much larger iPad screen
    • Custom menus formatted for mobile devices
    • Custom icons associated with menu items
    • Media ready: seamlessly handles YouTube and Vimeo videos your website contains; your site videos will play on android phones and tablet computers and at the correct size*
    • Tested for performance on multiple devices (including android phones, iPads, iPods, Blackberrys and more)

    Welcome to the future of the internet today. Call us at 1-800-690-0945 or email us to find out about adding your mobile site interface.

    *This feature is not supported on iPhones and iPads at this time.