Our Web Design Process

5 Steps to a New RESPONSE! Website

RESPONSE! has a five step website design process. We provide easy-to-understand website interviews and forms for our clients to fill out. We have streamlined the website design process in order to ensure the websites are built in an efficient manner and with due care to our client’s needs.

1. Information Collection

First the client’s data and preferences are collected using an electronic interview. Any logos, images or graphics not already on file with RESPONSE! are transmitted, plus any content.

2. Website Design & Development

Based on the client’s preferences a web design is put together, the content is added and then the site is reviewed.

3. Client Review

Client reviews the website and emails or faxes a list of the edits they would like to make.

4. Website Editing

We execute the changes requested by the client and send for a final round of editing. Client does final review of the website and emails or faxes a list of the edits they would like to make.

5. Website Goes Live

Once the editing process is complete and the client is satisfied with his website, the website receives a quality-control checklist including verification of the following major points:

  • Usability: can a visitor easily find their way around the website and are all the functions operational: no broken links, broken forms, malfunctioning videos, etc.
  • Eye Trail: do the graphics and the typesetting of the page guide the eye of the visitor through the important or most pertinent points
  • Navigation: is it intuitive for the visitor to find their way around the site
  • Effective Marketing: are there clear-cut Call-To-Actions to convert visitors into leads and is it completely dummy-proof for the visitor to convert into a lead.
  • Browser Compatibility: Visitors are going to be visiting in different browsers and different platforms. Some may visit on an iPad, some on a laptop, some on large desktop monitors. Major browsers and platforms are checked to make sure website functions correctly.

    **Please note that Smart Phone compatibility is an additional charge and not a standard feature.

Our Web Design Process