Website Strategy

Internet trends in the past couple of years have moved drastically into a new direction. The catalyst for this change is the method in which search engines such as Google and Yahoo! rank websites.

So What Is the New Internet Trend?

Web sites are now required to have CONTENT. What does having content mean? It means providing information—lots of it—about the products or services that you are selling. No longer will adding a number of meta tags compensate for lack of content in a website. Search engines demand that your website be a resource to users before they will reward you with visitor traffic.

What Is Meant by Content?

Content is composed and relevant articles on the subject you are advertising, on topics that readers will find interesting and informative. Not generic or mass produced, but relevant articles articles that your readers will find interesting and informative.

The more interesting or informative, the more the Search Engines will reward you with their attention. The bonus is that your readers will be inspired with confidence at how knowledgeable and learned you are about your field.

Imagine you are preparing for your wedding, or for the wedding of one of your children. If you were looking for a photographer for your wedding, you would want to see a gallery of his photographs. Now photographs are not necessarily “content” that the Search Engines can read, so how about an article on the photographer’s method? A report on the “Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Wedding Photographer” may sound alarming enough to check out. You may be interested in testimonials from other people who have hired the photographer. Publicity the photographer, or his photography, has received would also be of interest.

Content for a chiropractic is simple: an article that fully explains and defines chiropractic, testimonials, specific conditions and how chiropractic can help alleviate them, articles of various health related topics, the chiropractor’s background, education and experience. Publicity and awards that the chiropractor has received and the benefits of chiropractic for children.

Photographs of real work that has been done with case studies would be a must. Articles on the materials and methods used may be of interest, or things like “Top 10 Mistakes Unskilled Contractors Make.” “How To Tell If Your Contractor Really Knows What He is Talking About.” “How To Save Money on Contracting.” A list of neighborhoods served. All of these would make good articles and content for a website.

The good news is RESPONSE! will develop content for your web marketing campaign with you. We will even ghost write relevant content. There is no better time to start boosting your web presence so call us now, or request a free website evaluation of what we can do to make your current website more search engine friendly!

Wordpress Websites are great for Content Management

Having content is not enough. A website is required to have up-to-date content.

If the idea of adding additional pages at high cost of up to $1000 per page makes you blanch, we have done the research and discovered the answer for you.

RESPONSE! develops websites on WordPress, a blog-platform, making the sites easy to manage, easy to update, easy to add content to. Adding extra pages is a minor expense and you can even access and add content yourself.

The technology of blogging is new to some but essentially it is a weB LOG, or a diary or journal type web entry. It can be about anything; health advice, commentary on current events, a game held this past weekend. The point is that with blogging technology, websites can be developed that are high in content, relevant and constantly being updated. And it’s easy.

Your website can grow as your company does. It can change direction like your company sometimes does. It can change color and style within a few minutes. It can be duplicated and edited at additional sites. It can EVOLVE!

This also makes it easy to change your content. For example, real estate agents can easily upload new listings with photographs and other media and mark old listings as successfully sold with the same effort (or maybe even less) as making a flyer.

Or what about chiropractors? They can easily upload AND CATEGORIZE not only testimonials, but articles, products, information, anything!

The future has arrived. And with RESPONSE! Targeted Marketing it is surprisingly affordable and easy.

Creating Websites That Sell

RESPONSE! websites are built to be user-friendly and with search engines in mind. Moreover, we are die-hard marketers. That means that when we approach website design, our first thought is, “Will this website sell?” That is why our website clients are very happy with us and you will be too!

Methods Used To Build Websites That Sell

The Website That Is Right for Your Business
Every business is unique. That is why your website should be unique, too. This is why we develop customized websites that are tailored to your specific business. With intelligent call-to-actions, professional graphic design and even research of your market place, we will design your website to showcase your business and truly make it stand apart from the competition.

Building Websites Using a Content Management System (CMS) for Easy Upgrades, Updates and Expansion
We build using WordPress as a Content Management System and Search Engine Optimization tool. WordPress is a blogging platform that is specifically geared towards search engines and broadcasting energetically to the rest of the web. There is a huge community of developers and users which results in many useful pre-built applications that speed up web development dramatically and allow us to build premium, custom websites at significantly lower prices than similar website companies. In addition, updating or adding to the site at a later date can be done relatively easily and again, at significantly lower prices than is usual for the level of development we do.

Applying Known Marketing Principles for More Effective Website Design
We run every website through a rigorous marketing check. That is, we confirm that the information needed by the visitor can be found easily, and that visitors receive a clear and compelling instruction of what action he or she should take. We also ensure the content is edited to compliment the overall strategy. Usability is vigorously tested to make certain visitors find what they are looking for and have a comfortable and easy experience that encourages them to stay on the site.

Professional Typesetting, Editing and Design for Increased Usability
Our design team is well-versed in basic design technology, such as typesetting and copywriting, to ensure visitors will be pulled through the content, graphics and colors that send the right messages to present your business accurately.

Building Websites For Search Engines
Our Premium Website Packages include On-Page Search Engine Optimization, using the guidelines published by Google. On-Page means the specific layout, content and set up that Google recommends to make your site visible and optimized for the Google search engine.

Does Your Website Measure Up?

Have concerns about your existing website? Request a website evaluation!

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