Targeted Marketing

What is the Difference Between Shotgun Marketing and Targeted Marketing?

Shotgun Marketing is defined as:

The practice of simply marketing to the masses rather than selecting a specific target market. An example of shotgun marketing would be to place an ad on prime time television without researching the buying demographic and focusing the message to that audience (target market). Shotguns blast shot over an area with the hope of a critical hit. The word shotgun is actually defined as “covering a wide range in a haphazard or ineffective manner”.

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Targeted Marketing is defined as:

The practice of marketing a specific service or product toward a target audience that is either known to be source of sales or is predicted to be a potential source of sales. This could be based on age, location, gender, income bracket, etc. Marketers use targeted marketing through various methods including direct mail and web marketing to focus their energies and investment on that group of people most likely to buy. You could also call this “rifle marketing” as it allows one to take aim before pulling the trigger and therefore hit specific target groups with specific messages and with a more specific result in mind.

We create targeted marketing campaigns that are targeted to a specific audience or audiences. These audiences are chosen specifically as being the most likely, and most qualified, to buy from your business. This is usually determined by:

  • past successful sales and promotion
  • identifying who would seek out or benefit most from the products or services your business offers

Some Targeted Marketing Methods:

  • Postcard Marketing: postcards marketing is inexpensive and when combined with targeted mailing list packs a powerful punch. Once the right audience has been isolated, we work out a postcard marketing campaign and an introductory offer to attract new potential buyers.
  • Search Engine Optimization can draw in targeted buyers who are online actively seeking your products and services.

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